Day 95, 3pt, 12.21M:

jog: 3m;
learn: 0;
swim: 20r;
TYM: day1, read Justin J.’s paper, Pelican, 10am-12:30 pm;
GC: fill out the form, unproductive, 4pm-5pm;

For Day 96,

GC: get it done!
TYM: start writing;

It won’t be a big hit. Write up what you have now, submit it, and move on to real deals.

[T’s application]
Last week, T got the offer from LA area. She then pushed SD for the decision. The result is not what she hoped for: they give the offer to her senior.

It’s a huge let gown. She called me and let out the frustration: it is her dream place, and she is younger with better record. Why do they choose the lesser?

True, T is better in every dimension. But life isn’t always fair. Just wish she can work out in Michigan.

[Detroit airport, July, 2005]

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