Business: pricing

R. told me that the her boss still sets price in an arbitrary manner. This is a bit surprising, because systematic pricing methods are the norms in many industries, such as airline, hotel, car rental.

My guess is that these are all big companies. They can afford PHDs. For small firms, they may not be willing to hire PHDs. But pricing is in undergraduate or MBA curriculum. That is where the gaps lies.

I should find collaborations.

Tips From a Good Salesman

Chat with ZC this morning. She has three points on a good salesman: 1) likability, 2) thick skin, and 3) creditor mentality.

Of the three, the first is about personality. It is effective and easy to work out (see the evolution of Ms. Hillary Clinton). The thick skin implies that you must prioritize your goal over your feelings: do whatever it takes. The last point is about the belief: trick yourself to believe before selling.

Day 78, 12.04F

\section{Day 78, 12.04F:
learning: Luenberger, 2.13;
TYM: finish the MS paper (takes too long), 6/10;
setup WiDi connection between the laptop and TV, no sound, waste too much time;


I must learn to control my emotion and respect the timeline. Otherwise, life is too vulnerable  to random shocks.

For today,

TYM: start writing;

enroll healthcare plan, 2h;
clean up electronics stuff;
find out the kitchen stuff;
search furniture and paints;
network: reach out;