So the drama goes on. Till now, five committee members, including two outsiders, have asked for a hiring meeting—the nightmare for the stammer J.

J remains dead silent, the same trick the Boss always plays. It worked well in the past: as time goes by, people will shift attention elsewhere and the fire will dire out.

Not this time. B and E are determined to expose J (and the Boss) to the campus. Their intention has a legitimate camouflage: the committee can only vote on matters they understand. But J is unable to specify the candidate qualification, the central issue. Then holding a meeting to discuss is a sensible way to go.

J (and the Boss) face a dilemma. Calling a meeting, J’s inability of teaching will be exposed to the campus. Remaining silent, B and E may resign, which will create more noise on campus.

Either way, it can only get uglier…


[ 798 Art Zone, Beijing, China, 7/15/2012]