Habits are self-reinforcing. The actions taken now affect not only today, but also future. Once we form a habit, its repeated nature will set you on an auto-pilot mode to the destination.

Therefore, habits are self-fulfilling prophecies: once you set the direction, the mere belief will eventually lead to that very predicted outcome. This mechanism implies that, to develop a habit, we may first talk ourselves into believing its rosy outcome. Then the very belief will set offs chain of repeated actions fulfilling that prediction.


[Seven Mile Bridge (featured in movie True Lies), Key West, FL, March, 2015]

Day 97, 7pt, 12.23W:

jog: 3m;
learn: 0;
swim: 21r;
pay Cox cable $188 ($100 installation), cancel it if no more watching;
set up Cox auto pay $90;
set up utility auto pay $26;
received the FasTrack device for the toll road;
GC: submitted all the documents, 5pm-8pm;

Plan for Day 98,
1. TYM: day2 writing;
2. enroll healthcare online;
3. clean up mails;


[Key West, FL, March, 2015]