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MRF: accepted on 1/09/2018

This one is a grueling process: it takes me four rounds of fight to get it through. I have written more for response letters than the paper itself. The three referees and the AE were determined to kill the paper. In all three rounds it was the DE alone who keeps the paper alive.

It makes you cynical: the quality of your work is only a necessary condition. To publish, you need a bit of luck.


Dear authors (blinded for anonymity):

I am pleased to accept your paper for publication in MS. Congratulations!

The AE and both reviewers recommend acceptance. I also read the current version and I am happy with the contribution and the 15 page limit.


TYM: accepted on June 9.

This paper has the longest genesis: it takes ten years to publish. Sadly, the intellectual content has barely changed; what really changed is the advent of sharing economy. Because of that, the idea of decentralized control without equilibrium becomes accepted.

Eventually, it is the writing that makes difference.


Decision: Accept

Dear Authors (blinded for confidentiality):

Thank you for submitting a careful revision of the above manuscript. I have now received reports from the remaining reviewer and the Associate Editor (AE), with the latter being communicated via email. Both recommend acceptance as is. I fully agree with the recommendation, and I am delighted to accept your manuscript for publication"