Day 89, 8pt, 12.15T:

\section{Day 89, 8pt, 12.15T:
run:2.2m (15min, 9mph);
swim: 20r;
learning: Luenberger, 4.2, 4.3;
HLD: work out the missing steps, email PL;
lunch at home;
write two recommendation letters;
post the CDM paper;

For Day 90,

review the POMS paper;
GC: schedule the medical exam;
finish the letter for TL;

Day 88, 7pt, 12.14M:

\section{Day 88, 7pt, 12.14M:
run: 2.2m (15min);
swim: 16r;
no learning;
HLD: read MMR 92 at Pelican;
lunch at home;
chat with TL, get the offer in OC, another in Michigan;
GC: call for the exam, \$150+\$100;
register FasTrak for toll road, \$100 per replenishment;