Banff, 9.30.2015

On affirmative action and diversity

1. Affirmative Action on Campus Does More Harm Than Good

2. The Equal Protection Clause Forbids Racial Preferences in State University Admissions

3. “The diversity movement is racist at its core. When dealing with people we should be concerned with intellect, talent, character and accomplishment. People aren’t dogs or cattle; race matters only to racists.”


Day 82, 9pt, 12.08T

\section{Day 82, 9pt, 12.08T:
2m (8.7mph, 15min);
learning: Luenberger, 2.4;
drive to school 9-10am;
BAR: make the editorial change, read to submit, 11-11:30am;
lunch with B.M. at the center 12pm-1pm;
pick up the lens;
get haircut, 1pm-2pm;
return shoes to Macy’s \$65;
buy the swim goggle at Sports Authority, SPEEDO, \$21;
get the books and power cord;
drive home 3:40pm-5pm;
swim half hour;

For today,

TYM: work out the trick in Huh’s paper, start writing, get it done by 12.13;
GC: schedule the medical exam, gather files, get it done by 12.15;
swim half hour;