TYM revision has been the pain in the ass. It has been dragged on for a month without much progress. My half-hearted effort reveals its true caliber: it is mainly a practice paper, the kind the MM journal slights. Even if we overcome this bias, we still need to pass another hurdle—beat the CDM paper, published on the same topic. Hence, the revision is a high risk, heavy up-front investment, without much promise of return.

Personally, I would just let it go: the opportunity cost would be too high; already, one month has been sunk. But there are two other coworkers involved, who have invested a lot of time. Giving up would make me guilty.

If redemption is the only purpose, then I shall not waste more time: set the limit of one week, write every afternoon, and regardless the outcome, that’s it. Technically, I must eliminate the overlapping part with CDM, and stay away from revenue management folks.

Get it done.


[California Route 1, CA, 7/18/2008]


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