This is an unwise, self-destruction email,  with an angry undertone that is bound to ignite future trouble. But for all the mistreatment in the past two years, I must let it out. Also, the ass-kissing culture the boss is cultivating, especially among juniors, needs a check.

After emailing him and the school, I feel much relieved.


Dear R.,

Since you asked, here is my update: I do have another paper in press at P, the journal that counts on the U list. As Y mentioned yesterday, this is a list that actually matters in B-school ranking. The paper comes from the master thesis by our 2012 graduate, T. The thesis was supervised by me, M, and Y.

The paper breaks no new ground, builds no new framework, develops no new theory, provides no new explanation, and attracts no media attention. It only attempts to make one idea precise. Even that is doubtable.

But the paper does help T land a tenure-track position. So four years after our indoctrination, our student T is officially joining the tribe.



[Summer Palace, Beijing, China, 7/25/2012]

Day 121: 5pts, 1.16

jog: 1.5 miles, 9 mph, 10 min;
learn: 0;
swim: 20r;

chat with T. 11am-12pm;
chat with B. 12pm-1pm;

submit Staples rebate, \$20, online, 10min;
install RunKeeper and Starbucks apps, 10min;

sent R and cc the school the angry email;

2012-03-31 026