quantitative analysis and Excel skills are critical for sounding decision making in all business function areas. Students have great interest in studying quantitative analysis and Excel, as evidenced by the class 301. However, E01, the only course offered for general quantitative analysis in our MBA program, can only cover basic statistical methods and barely touches on decision models. More advanced courses and training are very much needed for our students. In light of new faculty hiring, the revival of 321 & 336 will be the first step to fill in this gap.

With 321, 336, and 339, we will have a complete curriculum on business modeling courses. It is worth noting that this sequel is not limited to M area; rather, they cover all business areas, especially operations, marketing, and finance. For example, in 339, topics cover valuation, option pricing, cash management, market share modeling, advertisement and promotion models, revenue management, joint pricing and inventory control, auctions and bidding, etc.

2011-10-06 302 - Copy

[CA, 10/06/2011]

Day 120, 5pts, 1.15

jog: 1.5 miles, 9 mph, 10 min;
learn: 0;
swim: 0;

drive to school, 9-10am;
personnel meeting, 10-12pm;
school meeting, 1pm-2:30pm;
lunch with M and B at student Hub, 12-1pm;
discussion with AO at the Pitta restaurant;

sleep at 8pm;

meet with AO;

2011-10-09 088

[Carmel, CA, 10/09/2011]