Here is the background of the story.

The boss is playing delaying tactic. But I had enough. Here are the exchanges.

Dear Y,

I hate to bother you again with this trivial issue. But, for planning, I do need to know my teaching load. I wonder what is the latest time I can hear back from you.


Hi L,

I am traveling until next week, and so have not had time to look into your contract. I will look into this when I go back.  Also, the school is in the process of coming up with a new work/teaching load policy. Depending on the new policy, your contract concern may become a non-issue.

Thank you for your patient.


Dear Y,

Regarding my teaching, there are only two sentences in the contract. And they are written in simple, plain English. For your reference, here is the contract.

Also, the contract and the school policy are two separate issues. In particular, the new school policy can only affect future teaching load, not this year’s (15/16). But my contract specifies the teaching load since July 1, 2015.

So I hope to hear back from you next week.

Have a nice trip.


2016-02-29 11.55.48


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