​Day 5: 5pt, get the mail, check, and clothes from R.

Day 4 was a big waste of time.​ Felt tired and my leg hurts because of over exercise.​
I could to concentrate. In the morning, I spent two hours on house hunting online, but could not decide.

After the short nap, drive to point Lama. There dropped a coffee shop—living house coffee—for two hours. It is an dirty, old house, without due maintenance. The owner is a mid-aged Korean woman, very friendly. After two hours, I drove to Point Lama, the place Anna and I took pic five years ago. Feel sorry for her: hope she is living well.

Stay in Holiday Inn by I-15. The front desk is very nice to give me a quiter, king room. But the place is old.

For today,
1) drive to R, 1.5h;
2) get the check for $100;
3) get the mail, rent a mail box;
4) fetch the cloth for the trip;
5) book the hotels for the next two days;
6) finish the DE letter for M paper;

shopping for clothes;

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