House Hunting

I am lost…

Day 43, 7pt, 10.30F: house hunting day 2 in Pasadena.

\section{Day 43, 7pt, 10.30F:
discuss with TL for 2.5h;
house hunting in starbucks, 12pm-2:30pm, 2.5h;
visit three places: the Monterras, Acappela, Avalon, Stuart, 3-6:30pm; 3.5h;
dinner at Zen’s Buffet at Arcadia, 1h;
drive to Moreno Valley, 7:25pm–8:30pm, Fwy 210 traffic is a bitch, 1.5h;
haircut by Katty, she is date a new guy, 8:30pm-9:30pm, 1h;
stay in Ayres Hotel and Spa, school rate \$90, excellent;
sleep at 10:30pm;

For Day 44,

prepare clothes for the conference, packing, 1h;
submit the recommendation letters, 1h;
drive to Le Messa, 2h;
chat with family, 0.5h;
check in airline, 0.5h;

[Lesson learned]

You must plan and act, within time limit. That is, you must discipline your life. Stick to your plan squarely.


Day 42, 7pt, 10.29R:

\section{Day 42, 7pt, 10.29R:
chat with ZC for 1h;
discuss with TL about her paper, 1h;
move to the Extended stay America, Archadia, 12pm;
house hunting in Starbarks, 2h, 1-3pm;
visit two locations, Avalon on Corlonado (2.25K, 1B, 680sft), old town collections at Green St. (2.9K, 2B, 850sqt, no gym), 4-6pm;
drive around Pasadena, 6pm-7pm;
takeout at Zen’s Buffet, \$8;
chat with ZC, 2h, till 1am;

For today,

search and visit another 2-3 locations, before 3pm;
drive to Moreno Valley, 1.5h, 4:30pm;
haircut, 8pm-9pm;

Pasadena: house hunting


Now I chat with ZC daily for an hour. I don’t know if I should continue. If we are are not meant to be together, I should phase out gradually. Like any addition, you have must have the will to terminate it.