Plan month 16.251.

    build 10h routine: learn 1h, exercise 1h, work 6h, read 1h, and write 1h;
    write a post per day;
    find C a job;
    home deco: finish order furniture, by 1.31.2017;
    call mom once a week;
    plan the trip next month;
    car service, 4h;
    clean up the closet, 4h;
    clean up the house, 4h;
    clean up the mails, 2h;

    pickup contact lens;
    research Lasik surgery;
    get rid of coffee, ham, alcohol, and overeating;

    upgrade money market saving account;
    cancel macy’s credit card. \$4 fee per month;
    buy oliver black division II field jacket (M) by rag \& bones;
    change the phone plan, 2h;
    cancel Cox. \$97 per month;

    try a new thing, broaden experiences, once a week;
    meet people from MEETUP, REDIT, LINKEDIN;
    go basketball;
    go to econ seminar once a month;

    learn: Corbe, 2h per day, 100hrs;
    MRF: follow up the submission;
    SMI: work out the model, email Liang, 4w;
    MHS: plan for numerical study, position the paper, 2day;
    TQ2: revision, weekly meeting, .5h*3;
    POMS: review, 6h;
    Encro: 1w for editing;
    submit the abstract meeting for POMS in Seattle 1h;
    go through all the printed papers in the garage .5h

    remove the requirement for M239, revise the requirement as capstone type, 4h;
    review hiring, 2h;
    EC meeting, 2 days;
    hiring meeting, 1.20;
    merit:  ask B. to remind silent. The trouble of Rv.;
    ask WSZ PHD in markeitng for lunch/coffee;


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