I came across Joy’s home page. It set off my emotion. There are too many memories there, in State College, in my life. True,  this is a sad story that does not have a happy ending.  But that piece of my life would never fade away. It is just there, part of past, part of me…

It may be the best for us just not to contract each other. If there is no result, just leave it as it was, and move on. But deep in my heart, there is always a soft spot for her.

Maybe one day, when both of us get married, we can talk again? How sad that is. But that is the life, the flower bloomed in the wrong season.

Down in the southern California it is always sunny. But are you happy? I don’t know. I just don’t want to think about it. Let life run its course. If there is anything that can makes me happy, it is the work. It is the achievement. The flower had its time.