I tried to work on TYM, but could not get much done.

The distraction is largely self-made. In fact, I have already restricted my email and blog time to evening. Still, too many activities during day time.

For academic writing,  long time concentration is a must. In particular, one needs long warm up time to get into the zone. Therefore, to get the revision done on schedule, I must block the morning doing nothing but writing. Also, I must reduce other activities.


[Beijing, China, 7/22/2012]

Day 112, 5pts, 1.07

jog: 3m;
learn: 0;
swim: 20r;
TYM: write 2hrs;
GC: sign the forms, find the card;

Plan for Day 113,
GC:  copy the card, take four photos, and UPS them tomorrow;
deco: furniture;

[happy moment]
MN invites me to Lisbon, Portugal.


[Summer Palace, Beijing, China, 7/25/2012]

Month 4: 263

    finish TYM (1 week), INV (1 week), and MRF (2 weeks);
    push MHS, TQ2, AO;
    maybe start DSR;
    finish Luenberger, optimization by vector space methods;
    finish keys to great writing;
    finish the willpower instinct;
    read economics rules;
    plan the party on 1.31;
    online blogging;
    attend econ seminars;
    go to univ library;
    try basketball pickup, or another community activity;   
    buy furniture, plants, and paintings;


[Beijing, China, 10/27/2014]

Month 3: 264

GC: Done with documents. It should be filed next month, and finalize in April.
networking: start blogging. Still need to connect to more people.
BAR: submitted to MS.
home decoration: setup internet and TV.

networking: online and offline;
start DSR;
finish BAR and TYM;
home decoration: minimalist style, buy furniture, plants, and paintings.


[Beijing, China, 7/22/2012]