I tried hard to leave my first position and move here. I thought it was because of the dull environment that made me unhappy and life sucked in every way. After I moved here, I find it is really not the place, but rather your attitude, or how you live your life matters. If you are coward, lazy, then nothing can save you. If you are not satisfied, then do you best to change it. If you don’t like yourself, why do you expect others to like you? After all, we are what we repeatedly do. To develop a good habits takes guts and will to break away from your comfort zone, and resist the temptation for ease and desire. Though it may be hard, the reward is your confidence, and consequently your achievements.

If that is what you want, why not do it now?


Research Log?

I know this is not really a place for documenting research progress. But just for convenience and a way of forcing myself to be more productive, can I keep a research log here?