Why we should not hire him

Dear J,

M talked to B, but could not change his mind.

Here is my take.

1. He does not have a PHD in MIS, so he is unqualified.

2. The school has been plugging him everywhere for the last two years. He was all over the place teaching Finance, MIS, Accounting. Can you imagine anyone commending such intellect capacity to do a decent job in each area? It is a joke.

3. I also checked with several students from my simulation class. These are serious students in our MBA program. All of them have problems with his teaching. They complain that he does not know Finance, only read PPT, and does not teach much. Some were his TAs. He told them he knows how to play the game. He gives easy midterm to secure good evaluations then makes the final harder to fix the grades.

To be sure, you may also want to check with your students.

4. We start late in March. The pool has only 8 candidates. Even among them, there are at least two better ones. Why do we have to consider an insider who has so many problems? Of course, in our school, merit is not the only thing that matters. The school is notorious for letting politics dominate merit. I still cannot believe that the school could let a faculty who cannot speak to ruin students for years.

If we keep operating this way, the school will rotten to the core. And I will not waste my time on these matters.

If we believe in merit, we should not hire him.