To wait, or not to wait, that is the question

Yes. That is the opening of the paper I am working on. In the last few days, I tried to work out the first draft. The process has been painfully slow, for two reasons. First, the subject is new. Without expertise, I have no confidence to just write as I know. Instead, I spent quite some time to read others’ work. The notes I took is about 100 pages long. The rationale is simple: only after knowing the literature, you can position your work, that is, tell your own story.

Second, I was interrupted by teaching. This quarter I teach four classes. This is a very demanding schedule. It took toll on my productivity. As you may know, writing an academic paper requires long time focus—you must pas the bar of the first round review.  Otherwise, it is a total waste of time, as much as half year’s work. For teaching,  although I have taught the subjects before, this time I add new stuff. So it is quite taxing.

The good news is, the teaching is over. And I have full control of my time till next April. Use it wisely.

2011-10-06 059


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