[11.46pm-12.00am, 15min]

For long-term growth, I must work on three issues daily: math, writing, and exercise. Devote an hour per day for each issue. I may not see payoffs in the short run. But if i do every day, the efforts must pay off in the long term.

More difficult part is to build the social network/community. Currently my contacts are mainly my coworkers. It is fine professionally, but they won’t impact my personal life much. On that level, I must take the initiative, reach out, and build new ones.

First, I should make good use of UCI. Attend seminars often. Also, check out the library for work. Do it next week. Second, participate in community activities. For example, find people to play basketball. Third, check out online communities. Again, not every attempt will be successful. But without trying, you will never know.

You must act, deliberately.

2016-01-11 15.39.55

3 thoughts on “WRTING 148: THINGS THAT MATTER

  1. “Again, not every attempt will be successful. But without trying, you will never know.” So true :)
    You’re very ambitious with wanting to spend an hour each day on maths, exercise and writing. Not that I think you won’t stick to it, I am sure you will. But I genuinely am impressed! :) Whenever I set myself such goals, I gave up immediately. It’s like my brains can’t take the pressure of needing to succeed (I’d tell myself off so badly each time I’d fail to stick to my time goals, I’d get depressed).
    Do you have any specific goals you want to achieve? As a reason why you’re so adamant to “rehearse” every day for an hour?

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    • Math and writing are at the core of my trade. So I must perfect them, for my living.

      Exercise is to keep me away from depression, especially in bad days.

      “Do you have any specific goals you want to achieve?”
      —This is a hard question. It stuck me in the sense that, three moths ago, my friend asked me “do you have a role model?”

      To be honest, I don’t know the question for either. But I am doing them as a way to figure out. At least they give me a purpose…

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