I learned this bloody lesson from my dental surgery.

The surgery itself went well. My doctor is a gentle Taiwanese guy, dr. Hsu. He got my two lower wisdom teeth removed in 45 minutes. Except a little noise, he did not inflict much discomfort. Even that noise was not his fault, for I asked to keep me conscious instead of asleep.

What followed was an excruciating half day. Besides anti-biotic, Dr. Hsu also prescribed two pain relieve pills. But I did not buy the pain relieve prescriptions immediately, for two reasons. First, odd enough, I have never taken pain relieve pills in my whole life. This time they also seem unnecessary (I was deadly wrong). Second, I don’t completely trust doctors. Under our healthcare system, doctors have strong incentive to over prescribe medicines.

The result of my distrust cannot be more painful. Since noon, I had been in agony. I tried to distract myself by reading books, watching TV, listening to the music, and even sleeping. But nothing stopped me from felling that non-stop pain.

By the dinner time I had enough. I ran into the pharmacy, got the bills, and swallowed immediately. Ten minutes later, the world returned to peace again.

So here is the bloody lesson learned: trust the experts, even if they may not have your best interest in mind. Yes, they may abuse your trust; but the downside of distrust is even more painful.

Choose the less evil next time.

[20min: 2.20pm–2.39pm]

2016-01-26 05.08.59


5 thoughts on “WRITING 139: TRUST EXPERTS

  1. Always get the pain killers when it comes to your teeth… Everything they do in your mouth hurts, especially this! I’m glad you eventually decided to get some and that they work. I’m not pro pills/drugs either, but sometimes you need them.

    Hope you’ll feel better soon!

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