I must wrap up the TYM project this week. There is no new stuff we can do. As it stands as a boundary case. But until we get the first verdict, we never know exactly where we stand.

I have a more urgent reason, though. There are several other projects waiting to be finalized: AO, TQ2, and the revision of MRF. Each of them will take at least a week; MRF will take two weeks. So my best hope is to push out all of them this month. That requires a tight working schedule, but it is doable.

More importantly, I have my credibility at stake: both AO and KK rely on me to make the cut. They need the papers badly for promotion. They have done their part. Now it is my turn to conclude.

For TYM, here are four remaining tasks: 1) rewrite the introduction, 2) literature review, 3) data analysis (mainly bubble maps), and 4) conclusion.

Focus on each task. Finish them one by one. This project will not make or breach you. Just get it done.



One thought on “WRITING 138: GET TYM DONE

  1. “Focus on each task. Finish them one by one.” – That’s always the best way to go :) Some people do many things at once, but that hardly ever leave good results.

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