I like writing in all caps. It is easier to focus. It slows you down—the best part of all caps. It allows time for processing what you just write. You can always read in sentence case writing, because that is the norm. There is no loss in writing this way.

Writing in all caps also gives a different writing experience. Oddly, it conveys a sense of discipline. Yes, a sense of discipline, a character I want to develop. It is the open secret to achieving anything valuable in life.

Further, it makes easy editing. Once I am done with composing in all caps, use WORD to switch the text back to the sentence case. Such changing of format helps editing.



5 thoughts on “WRITING 133: COMOSING IN ALL CAPS

  1. I always find writing in all caps seems a little aggressive :’) Plus my OCD wouldn’t let me: I need things clean and tidy, lol. But I sense I will try this one day, too. It’s nice to mess with your own brains every now and then.

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