As my swimming experience testifies, habits can be deliberately planned and developed. So there must be something magic about repeated actions:

When an action is repeated, we no long think about it consciously; instead, we internalize it and code it into the brain as our second nature.

Here is my next planned habit: WRITING. Just as I did with swimming, set a fixed time, do it every day, make it a routine. I will check out three weeks later.

2011-10-05 035

[sunset, I-5, CA, 10/05/2011]

9 thoughts on “HABITS: WRITING

  1. Hey good luck with this. I was just contemplating the advice I had heard of “devote 30 minutes to your passion everyday, even if you don’t feel you have time to do it, make the time. Just 30 minutes.” And that inspired me to get writing again. Good luck to you on your goal here too.

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    • Thank you for the wisdom! Indeed, we should be more mindful of how we spend our time. Eventually the only thing limits us is time: we can only have less and less of it, no matter how rich we are. Our actions reveal our true priorities, for we devote our precious time (life) to these actions.

      Good luck with your writing, too! :)


  2. I arise very early in the morning. I seem to sleep less as I age. It is the time I write and post. The thoughts and ideas come then. Whether they are worthwhile is questionable. But as long as I am writing, it can’t all be bad. :)

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    • ” as long as I am writing, it can’t all be bad.”

      I agree. To me, writing is the process I feel meaningful and happy. Regardless of other benefits, that alone is enough :)

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  3. Good luck. I only have one routine, write 100 words per day, which works for me. I’m going to use 2016 to try to become more structured in terms of time as well.

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