Day 103, 5pt, 12.29T:

jog: 3m;
learn: Luenberger, 5.4;
swim: 22r;
TYM: finish LN’s paper, positioning, 4h;
chat with T for an hour;

For Day 104,
TYM: writing only.

This project has been dragged on for too long. If it has little potential to make the top, then just get it done and move on. The opportunity cost is too high to delay.

Get it done in a week.

[T’s application]
T is struggling with accepting the job offer in LA or going for another interview in Michigan. LA offer (10K) is paid below the market, but Michigan is uncertain. It is a hard choice she must make and live with the consequence.


[Water world, Universal Studio, LA, summer, 2008]

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