Writing: TQ2

This project seeks to make two points: (1) customers’ waiting behavior is context dependent, and (2) he may change mind over time. It models two new features: the partial information environment, and the dynamic decision making.

But these alone would not make the top journal: its analysis follows the footstep of XGO’s work. We must do more to strengthen the case. Instead of assuming two customer behaviors—context dependency and dynamic decision making—we can distill them from the data. Fortunately, KK has the bank data. If used properly, they can provide direct connection between theory and practice. Taken together, the data and model should make a compelling story.

We have drafted the model part. It remains to show that existence of dynamic behavior in practice. Though simple, this step is crucial to sell the story. Now KK has drafted the empirical part. Next week, he will integrate it with the modeling part. Afterwards, it is my turn to finish the project.

Above all, we are still struggling with our punch line.

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