Day 82, 9pt, 12.08T

\section{Day 82, 9pt, 12.08T:
2m (8.7mph, 15min);
learning: Luenberger, 2.4;
drive to school 9-10am;
BAR: make the editorial change, read to submit, 11-11:30am;
lunch with B.M. at the center 12pm-1pm;
pick up the lens;
get haircut, 1pm-2pm;
return shoes to Macy’s \$65;
buy the swim goggle at Sports Authority, SPEEDO, \$21;
get the books and power cord;
drive home 3:40pm-5pm;
swim half hour;

For today,

TYM: work out the trick in Huh’s paper, start writing, get it done by 12.13;
GC: schedule the medical exam, gather files, get it done by 12.15;
swim half hour;

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