Day 64, 8pt, 11.20F:

\section{Day 64, 8pt, 11.20F:
fill the gas at 7am;
talk to W for 1h, 9am-10am;
personnel meeting for EG (8Y-3N-2A) and BV (13Y) cases 10-11:30am, J. (9Y-0N-1A);
fix the car, \$44;
lunch with ME and BM in Canyon Crest;
Bought contact lens: 2 weeks for a year supply, 180, Daily, for three month, 190, total \$370, 2:30pm-4:10pm;
driving sucks, 4:30pm-6pm, 1.5h;

[Personnel meeting]

EG was penalized for disloyalty. BV is a clean-cut case that everybody agrees on.

My guess is that BV and PC voted no; RS and T abstained. Apparently, R. is not happy about the outcome.

The bottom line is, if you are competent, regardless of your political orientation, your merit/record speaks volumn. But if you are borderline, then politics looms large.

[meeting with W]

It was not a pleasant one. W has to annoying bureaucratic tone and refused to get down to earth. When pressed for details, we dodged the specifics and simply stated that we need to hire for impact. But what kind of candidate he has in mind? It is very frustrating to have the conversation with him.

Any way, now he knows I want to charge the BA program. Also, he wants me to fight ME: wrong calculation. Clearly, he won’t trust me, but tried to use me. And he was caught off guard when I avoid the topic of workload. I should have not told him that I stack 4 sessions in one quarter (he may use it to squeeze me later).

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