Plan for this week

Bold, Discipline, Action.

DONE. pernsonnale meeting F10pm-1pm;
DONE. schedule and discuss the teaching load for 4;

2 meetings’ reimbursements;
DONE. Fix the car: battery hard to start, noise when accelerate and rough turn, water, change oil, car key battery, low tire pressure, Call for Friday afternoon, 1:30 pm;

DONE. Return the shoes to Macy;

DONE. BAR: 3d, finish the computation;
DONE. CDM: 1d, finalize the paper for SSRN;
TYM: start writing;
DONE. Review report (accept);

clean up the mail;
DONE. pay credit card;
DONE. pay bills;
DONE. pay ATT online;
DONE. change online addresses;
submit the move-in form to the rental office;
DMV: registration, change the address;
DONE. cancel the property insurance policy: 0D12126;
DONE. set up gas and electricity online payment;
ask TL to stop by T-mobile to cancel international call;

DONE. draft the reference letter for T, 4h;
register health care plan, 2h;
schedule dentist visit;
physical examination, schedule and visit;
DONE. buy contact lens;

LASIK eye surgery;
healthcare registration;
see the dentist;
Buy new iPhone;
DONE. buy books: By the book: the right and wrong of dismal science;
update my cv: thesis supervision, teaching S15;
DONE. buy the cartridge on Amazon;
make homepage for SX;

Ask AP: marketing, reference point, Hart;


What I see when jogging

New Start from Newport Beach

I will be living here for the coming two years.