Moving: live in Newport Beach

The moving saga finally comes to an end. Since August 24, it took me almost almost three months to settle down in Newport beach. In fact, it only three days are needed to do the moving; much of the time is wasted in indecision.

The moral is that, again, just do it. Given your budget, pick the best you can get. Do not try to low your budget but still hope for the same quality—you are wasting your life.


Day 57, 9pt, 10.13:

\section{Day 57, 9pt, 10.14:
breakfast in Comfort Inn;
pick up u-haul at Moreno Valley at 8am;
fill the gas, \$45, at 8:30am;
two movers load the truck, 9-10am, 1h;
sign the lease online in starbucks, 1h;
drive to Newport beach, 1.5h;
unload from 1pm-3pm, 2h;
total cost moving cost, \$400;
grocery shopping in Aberton, \$230, 1/3 expensive, 4pm-5:30pm, 1.5h;

For Day 58,

BAR: computation;
Home deco: plan and buy;
start my minimist home decoration;
restore all the blogs;