Moving: Nov. 11-12.

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Live in Newport beach

Day 55, 8pt, Archadia (11.4-11.12), 11.11W

\section{Day 55, 8pt, Archadia (11.4-11.12), 11.11W:
nail down apartment choices in Irvine, 9-1pm, 4h;
drive to Irvine via 605, 1:30pm-2:30pm;
visit Ranch, built in 70s, good view, but too old;
visit Turtle Rock Canyon, good fit, townhouse and 2B, 2.5k;
dinner for Sandwich, subway, in university towncenter;
drive back to Archadia, 7pm-8pm, 1h;
sleep at 8pm;

For Day 56,
visit newport apartments;
finalize the lease;
call moving companies;
stay in Moreno valley;

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