Day 54, 5pt, 11.10T:

\section{Day 54, 5pt, 11.10T:
chat with ZC for 1h;
Moving: house searching in Starbucks, 4h;
take-out from Zen’s buffet;
chat with ME on EG’s case, gap in the letter and statement;
hiring: one associate;
GOP debate: Marco Rubio won;

For Day 55,

Moving: visit apartments in Irvine;
send the letters for Ted;
email K on TQ2, NY on hiring;
write the blogs;

Deadline: moving to Irvine by 11.13.15

This is not an ideal situation. But for two months, you cannot decide, and you cannot drift for ever.

You must understand that life may deal a bad hand to you from time to time. And you cannot always find what you like in every circumstance. If you are obsessed with optimization in every situation, and resort to postponement every time, you will develop the nasty habit of procrastination.

For good or luck, you have run out of your time: you have had two months to decide.

Now you must move!

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