Day 37, 6pt, 10.24S:

finish the POMS report at Starbucks and Brentonwood library, 4h;
did a quick house hunting, 2h;
chat with TL for application, 2h;
chat with mom for 0.5h;

Everything takes time. The planned two-day reviews turned out to be week work. Two factors cause this mismatch. First, after two months travel, I am not long at the top of the game. Picking up takes time. Second, long travel also erodes my writing ability. Writing, as any other skills, needs practice. Once you stop, it is hard to resume. I must settle down and write daily: it is my trade.

Santa Monica

House hunting in Santa Monica


I had a wonderful dinner with Cindy at Ushuaia steakhouse. Intelligent, successful, and graceful, she is one of a few I envy.

The only problem is that she comes as cold, at least some times. I have long been wondering why we did not click. Her new information gave a hint. When our LA gang of eight hanged out in 2008-2009, she and Rae were friends. One day Rae told her if she did not intend to approach me, she will.

Rae is an outgoing girl, the type that I can easily connect with. But Rae and I have never had intimate relationship. To me, Rae is a good buddy. But others don’t see that way. Cindy, even her mom, thought Rae and I were couple.

So Cindy remained distant till Rae went back in 2010. Afterwards, it became even more awkward to hang out with her. We see each other once or twice a year. After all, if neither is willing to make the move, why wasting time?

I have made many mistakes. I don’t know if this is one. But if it were, then its pain may take years to sink in…


2015-10-23 19.06.17