Day 30, 0pt, 10.17S:

no writing;
waste time in Starbucks, Le Mesa;
chat with Cindy for 2h;
drive Univ. of San Diego, La Jolla, Solana Beach, to Oceanside, 4h;
dinner at Great Plaza buffet, 1h;
Cindy’s schedule:
31, 1, 2, open
return on Nov. 3.
Zip code for searching.

90024, 90025, students
90049, rich
90404, up-middle class

silver lake,
cover city,

\subsection{self reflection}


Your goal is to settle down. That means date and get married. For that to happen, you must live in the place where this is possible.

Cindy asked me if I had a role model. I had before. But now I don’t know. You want to have goodies, but you don’t want to take responsibility. That is not going to work.

Seriously, you cannot just complain and do not produce. You must put in your effort.

What do you want to do? Now I must focus on rebuilt my life. You need to get married. This is your priority. Meanwhile you will keep working on other other stuff.

Your priority is to settle down, for at least year. You have chosen San Diego. Then live with it. Note that you have so many things on your list. You cannot just keep drifting; you must take responsibility.

It’s all hard work. Once you start, you should get it done. If you have chosen San Diego, then stick with it.

Would your life be different, if you live in LA? Maybe, who knows. People work in San Diego and live else where.

You must have an office. You don’t want to blur it with your family living. Otherwise, you cannot get things done. And you won’t be happy.

Writing focus your mind, and force you to think through.

Most of work network is online, skype. As long as you want to push it, you will keep your intellect on going. But local ones are more difficult to develop.

Now you must be clear with what you want. If you want an academic environment, then you would do better if you stay.

Seriously, you must establish your workplace, where you work eight hours. If it cannot be home. Then you must have a separate place.

I am wasting my life. Do something. Anything.

I must fill the void. I am empty. How can I do that?

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