Rebuild the life, 2


1. life: friends, date, and parents.
2. work: focus on what matters.
3. move with a week.


You deserve a better life. For the past eight years, you have put off everything just for one goal. Now you have achieved that: you have earned the freedom—time and money—for building the life you want to live. Don’t be lazy, trapping in the past, endless rat race. It is time to move on. Indeed, you have at least nine months to figure out what you want.

This is amazing. Think about it. How many people would have such luxury to choose where to live and when to work?

You have decided to live in San Diego. So you need to make the move. In this case, you must be mindful of every step you take: now you have no excuse for not making the best for your life. You have the freedom, and you deserve it.


This is my focus in the coming year.

The hardest part is to build your network. To do so, you must actively seek out those similar minds: the process can be time consuming and frustrating. But hey, now you have the freedom. Just do it.Others do not have such luxury. Take actions.

Also, you must overcome shy personality: you have security; you just need to reach out.



Focus on what you love. Work with the best. Say NO to the rest.

Not sure if I have the record to move. But should give a try.

The pros and cons of the current position: it pays well, the load is OK, and the time is flexible. Honestly, given my current record, I can hardly find a better position. But it is a misfit. I don’t like the people there. I deserve better. Just abide my time. Will not settle here.

Build the network. I have several projects going on. But none of them is with guru. To increase the visibility, you need to work with gurus. There are two accessible ones: one in my field, and the other in MKT.

Build the habit of writing and learning. They are the engine of your long-term success and well-being. I am interested in learning; understanding makes me happy. Also, You like writing. You must build these two into my daily routine. It is the secrete to keep you productive and happy.

[next actions]

You must find a home. It gives an identity. The criterion is not where your work is, but rather where you can find your dates.

Here is the deal. You have a week to make the move. By 10.22, you can no longer live in hotel.

Keep in mind most important thing is your life experience. The very purpose of work is to live.

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