Day 28, 0pt, 10.15R

translation for ZC, 1h;
waste time whole day;



I need an hour for planning today. To change my situation, I must have a partner in life.

You must think straight, have a plan, and take actions.

Now ask yourself, where do you want to live? You have been to several places. What kind of people do you want to be? Keep in mind you can always retreat if you choose to. But your job now is to find people, not other way around.

Do it properly. You are defining yourself.

You must take a different perspective of life. You hate stagnation. You want to live.

You need to figure out critical elements of your life, elements that can make you happy.

For the living place, it should be in a neat neighborhood that have coffee shops. You need to travel more often. Probably every other month.

It is the time that I pursue my dream.


Torrey Pines Glider Port. Great sea shore soaring.
La Jolla.

Join basketball club.

you check out the South Park area which was my last and favorite place I lived (out of 8 different locations in SD)




OkCupid for friends and lovers – SD Survival Guide Critical Strategy and expose

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