Movie: The Conspirator, 4.5/5

There are a lot to be liked about this sobering movie.
First, the compelling story gives a fairly accurate account of a dark episode in American history: in the wake of Lincoln’s assassination in April 1865, the whole nation was in a grieving and revenging mood to hang the alleged culprit for their beloved president. The reluctant hero, Frederick Aiken, took the job to defend Mary Surratt, the mother of the conspirator, before a military tribunal. Despite his efforts, Mary was executed in the end largely for her son’s crime.
Second, its central message of justice and values is uplifting. The hero pressed for the truth and fair trial of Marry, even after his professional and personal life had been greatly jeopardized by the case; One supreme court justice, though appointed by Lincoln, uphold the law against his emotional and political convenience and overruled the manipulated verdict by the military court. Obama must have loved the message; otherwise, he wouldn’t entertain the idea of trying 9/11 criminals in a civilian court.
Third, it reminds me of the Ai Weiwei case. Regardless of how allegedly crappy he is, Mr. Ai, even if indeed guilty of ‘business crime’, deserves a fair trial as a citizen, not a politically manipulated one as a serf.
When will we have such a judicial system and integrity/courage alike to stand for truth?

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