Moving on…

I couldn’t help crying when I saw the pictures – everything looks so familiar, but now they have been left behind of our lives forever. Remember what is said on the decoration stone that we bought from the flower shop? The one who touches your life will be in your heart forever. I believe that includes places too. No matter how you hate the place, when you leave, you feel that you lose something; because you realize that it is not the place that frustrates you, but what in your heart.

You didn’t know how much I missed you during the past ten months, just as you don’t know how I am going to miss you in the months ahead. Memories and feelings grow with me, actually they grow in me. Before I know, they become part of my body. That’s why when I tried to cut them out, the pain was unbearable, and I realized that I would never, ever be parted with them. I know I need to be strong and positive, but please let me save it to tomorrow, because today, with you flying to a place that is thousands of miles away from me, I am simply vulnerable and sad.

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