Jeux d’enfants

I can’t say that I am a big fan of French movies, but from time to time, I find ones that touch my heart. Like this one, Jeux d’enfants, which has been translated into English as Love Me If You Dare, and into Chinese as 两小无猜. The two translations seem to suggest two totally different movies – the latter conveys something about innocence and pure love, while the former is filled with seduction and temptation. However, the film indeed tells a story about both.

Do you dare to make the bride cry at a wedding? Do you dare to stand on a rail with your eyes closed? Do you dare to cut off contact for ten years? Do you dare to smile even when facing tragedies? To me, Sophie and Julien just met too young. They thought they had the entire life ahead of them, and they could do anything about it and still would end up together. They lived by playing, and played by living. Sophie didn’t have the usual, careless elegance that French women had, she was from Poland after all. But she had something even more attractive: her passion and her wildness. Actually there were nothing that they dare not do to, even dying together in a cement wall. It was their way to say no to being an adult, which means ”to have a speedometer that marks 210 and not driving over 60”. It was their final rebellion, but wasn’t that a price too high to pay?