I am reading old posts and come across this one: THOUSANDS MILES AWAY, written at the same time one year ago. The only difference is that we are on the opposite side of the story.

5.22. Thousand miles apart, over three time zone, plus a month away, God seems to test the five months new Union with his most demanding tempo-spacial distance. Only one day apart, life has witnessed a drastic change in mood-weather with uneasiness permeating everywhere. We all know the life will not be the same a month later, no matter how we keep calling each other. Just wish such temporary apart will kindle more sparkles to our ‘Union’.

I am thinking, which one is more difficult, being in the old place without someone or being in a new place without someone? I would prefer the former – at least I can go to the places that we went together and feel your presence… But I agree, it’s a test – we can try our best, but we don’t know the result.

5.23. Life is just like a long journey. In many cases, what you experience on the way are more important than the destination itself. When you arrive at the destination, the purpose that encourages your whole trip is all of sudden disappeared. And that makes one feel lost. At least that is my feeling from road trips.

By the way, when labeled with ‘Dialogue’, it means dialogue. So the direct inputs on the post, rather than comments, are expected )

“When you arrive at the destination, the purpose that encourages your whole trip is all of sudden disappeared. And that makes one feel lost.” This was exactly what my brother said when I talked to him last night. Are we the same kind of person? If so, I won’t be surprised. It may be our destiny that we’ll have to endure more in life, but in return, we experience more and therefore live a fuller life.

5.24. We all know the incident is the solely result of somebody’s paranoia. I’ll stand by you in any case.

5.25. Understanding – that’s all what I am asking for now. It’s hard to put yourself in somebody else’s shoes, especially when we are apart and under different circumstances. Also, it’s a mutual thing. Let’s try our best!

5.27. It has been almost a week. I can still feel your touch, though we are thousands of miles away. Everyday, I try to be positive, but the only happy time I have is the time when we talk. But now, talking is harder and harder. Shutting down again? Long-distance is difficult enough. Don’t torture us anymore, please!

5.28. Well, the machine resumes working status again with a decreasing failure rate due to the careful maintenance by the technician.

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2 thoughts on “OLD POSTS

  1. Time flies… But I do feel unbelievably lucky that we still feel the same way about each other, the only difference though is that I am more confident than before.


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