Is that the real cause?!

Ledger, he says, was morose over losing his life with Williams and their baby daughter in Brooklyn. He may not have committed suicide, but he carried on, my source says, with little regard for his health or well-being.It’s hard for the average movie fan, including yours truly, to totally grasp why a guy like Heath Ledger drop-dead handsome, popular, incredibly talented could be depressed about anything.

My source reminds me: “Youre being paid $10 million and wondering if youre worth it. Then your girlfriend kicks you out, youre separated from your child and youre thinking: ‘I’m a big movie star but not popular at home.’ Thats when the trouble starts.”

I’ve always been wondering what happened between him and Michelle. I never think Michelle is good enough for him, but since they have a daughter together, I hope that he’s found his true love. Is this the way she returns for true love?! I hope his heart was not broken when he died. He will forever be one of my favorite character – the handsome, cool, and sweet Patrick in 10 Things I Hate about You.

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