Through my project, I learned several lessons, some of them in a pretty hard ways. First, you got to have the passion for your work, no matter you like it or not at the beginning. Without it, you can easily be distracted and the work will be dragged on forever. Second, concentration. Any serious work demands long time of focus. Great discoveries or results, those most likely not so obvious, come to you only after long time of hard thinking. Therefore, one should devote a bulk of time to the work, rather than fragmental slots. Third, use simple models to gain intuitions and insights. You have to think it through before you dive into technical details. If things do not work for the simple models, they can hardly work for more sophisticated models. Fourth, intuition is a crucial aspect of this process. Things that do not make sense are useless. Finally, always document and save results. It is not only for the current project, but rather a quick ramp up for your next similar project.

One thought on “LESSON LEARNED

  1. I can’t agree with all of them more! They are all very good points – as simple as they are, they will carry us a long way. I especially like the second and the fourth one. A good friend of mine often talks about how we were able to concentrate for a long period of time when we were kids. As we grow up, as our world expands, we become easily distracted. That’s the main reason why he meditates everyday now. If you can master your mind, most likely, you’ll succeed, in anything that you’d wish to. Intuition is another good point. Even the so-called “counterintuitive” things have to make sense intuitively in some way in order for people to buy them.


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