I just can’t get mad with them

Last night was the first midterm of my class. Although my office hours was only an hour and a half in the afternoon, I started to have students come to my office at 9:30AM. Some of them assumed that my exam was like other exams they took, which they could cram for a day and would be fine. But soon after they started, they realized that it was not, and this was where the panic started. We occupied the entire sofa area, in the end, even a janitor couldn’t stand it and he opened a conference room for us.

The kids were like, I’m scared, will you hate us after the exam, I feel so embarrassed, I will come to your office hours every time in the future, I promise I’ll do well next time… Well, it’s not too far away from my college years, whenever I see them, I see myself several years earlier. I just cannot get mad with them – I was like that, and classes were definitely not on the top of the priority list. I don’t worry about them either, they will learn sooner or later what they want to do and where they want to put their focus on. It’s the growing up thing – nobody can do it for you and the experience along the way is the fun part. All I can do for them now is be there and be helpful when they want to learn.

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