Things that I need to remind myself

Suddenly, life seems terribly harsh to me. One day, you have everything; but the next, the whole world is gone. In order to live through it, I have to remind myself of the beautiful things that are still there.

1. There is someone, although far away, whom I love deeply; also there is someone, although far away, who love me (hopefully deeply). And the lucky part is that they are the same person.

2. Everything is temporary, good or bad.

3. I am not alone.

4. There are a lot of worse things.

5. I have youth on my side, or at least in my heart.

6. Even if I get hurt, I grow stronger out of it.  

3 thoughts on “Things that I need to remind myself

  1. Several years ago, my family went through a phase when we would take turns putting a quote of the week on the refrigerator door. My son who was a teenager at the time often put up something from the writings of Buddha or Confucious. Well,one day there was a quote that seemed a little “off” compared to what his prior ones had been so I asked him where he got it. His reply: a video game. There was and is so much truth in it. Here’s the quote: “No matter how dark the night, morning always comes.”


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