Where Is Home?

Every time I am in California, I feel happy. Weather is perfect, people are ambitious and energetic, even flowers have more variety and more vivid colors – I almost think that one should feel guilty if s/he doesn’t feel happy. However, it’s not real. The unreal happiness, in my term. I wish life were this simple and happy, maybe it is, but just not my life. I don’t feel that I belong to here.

Back to the east, my small town, where several new chapters of my life revealed. Ever since I went there, there is a tendancy of escaping deep in my heart. I am not a small town person, and never will be. Back to the far, far east, the city I used to be so familiar with, where tons of memory resides. However, after these many years of growing without much connection, we are becoming strangers.

Home is where you can retreat to, even after you lose everything in the world. I feel sad because I can’t find my home anymore…

Maybe we need to cultivate the feeling of belonging, wherever we are. Home is where we start our journey. No matter how far away, no matter how long we have left, they are always in our heart as we know we are always in their hearts. That is enough to give us strength and power to continue the journey.

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