System Error: cannot stand what you wrote.

I think it should not be deleted. It sets a bad example, as if we can only present pleasing issues here. However, we all know that those pleseant things are only one side of the life. What is more important, is the comlementary side. No matter how unconvenient and unpleasant they might be, truth is truth. We cannot lie to ourselves. Only by spelling out and resolving these difficult issues together that we can build a stronger Union.

So please repost the deleted one. As the saying, though I don’t agree with you, I defend your right to speak.


I didn’t mean to create hard feelings and I do apologize for that. I always think it’s a celebrity thing and assume that you think the same way. Even if you don’t agree with the celebrity thing, I bet you realize that temptations are everywhere, and that’s why our love and will power play an extremely important role. By the way, I have to restate that it is a celebrity thing to me, from the very beginning.

I hope the shut-off cell doesn’t imply a shut-down you. Long-distance is already hard enough and just like what you said, we shouldn’t waste our time and energy on meaningless fights.

Also, I do want to recreate the post, but I don’t quite remember what I wrote and I am not in the right mood…

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