5.01 Most of people hate irresponsibility. This was particularly true for those honor students, after a disappointing lecture covered by an unprepared person. Many left in the middle. Some even did not bother to come.

5.02 But man is not made for defeat. A man can be destroyed but not defeated. — Ernest Hemingway.

5.07 When circumstances seem against you, no matter what reasons, when your world deteriorates without any sign of stop in foreseeable future, the only thing you can hold is yourself, your pride, your ego, the very belief that you are better than others.

5.07 Got to get the list of things done this week. Time is running up. Here are list of things you should NEVER DO: 1.over INTERNET. 2. wast time on pn. 3. stuck in meaningless chat. 4. lose the passion.

5.07 FOCUS AND PASSIONATE. I have been procrastinated for almost two months. Things are piling up, which makes me even more frustrated and depressed. Got to do something to turn things around. Set the rules and play by the rules.

5.08 Difficulty to mind is like labor to muscle. The more you work on them, the better they are.

5.09 Got to focus and work hard today. The due of the draft is on Friday, let alone grading 80 student’s exam.

5.10 Ok, today at least I got to finish writing the proof part. Otherwise, I will be killed :)

5.10 Take care of stat exam today.

5.10 I believe one cannot assert his existence through others. Only by constructing his own world he can be sure of his meaning of existence. Nothing can be more painful than realizing the gap between the reality and the ideal. However, just as in physics, the gap, Delta, shall create the potential for change and so is the dynamic of the life. We are alive, partially because we hold the hope for the future and genuinely believe that we can reach it, even though we don’t know how.

5.10 The proctor took 3 hours. The grading took 1 hours. Assigning grades took 1 hours. It only took me two hours in the evening, but I wasted the rest in nowhere. What a damn night!

5.11 Feeling great in the mood of working! :)

5.11 Writing is driving me mad. Why is it so difficult to put down my thoughts in words? Anyway, I still have ten days to go for my final draft. 这事儿一定要办成。

5.11 Now it is the era of telling appealing stories, not so much about techniques, for movies as well as research.

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