Not-so-random flow in May

5-7-07 It’s already May – before I can take a break to breathe. Somtimes I think I’ve been growing up, but sometimes, like now, it’s like nothing has changed from the chilly spring in 1999 – exactly the same feeling, fear, anxiety, and yet struggling to maintain hope. I am amazed that after these many years, I still haven’t developed the ability, or skills I should say, to cope with this kind of things. But for now, just focus on the strugging to maintain hope part…

5-9-07 Just entered the final grades for my students. Finally, I am done with teaching this semester. I always thought that I would be really really happy and relaxed by this time. However, the minute I sent the last email to my students, I got tears in my eyes. There are a lot of first-times in one’s life – this, is my first-time teaching, and they, are my first class of students. It’s just so special, and that’s why I got emotional. I need somebody to hug!!!

5-23-07 First day of my internship. It’s great to see so many old faces, no, familiar faces as I was corrected. I do feel like back to home, not to mention the five exclamation marks following the “Welcome Back’. Everybody looks exactly the same as when I left last summer, which is a good thing, as one of my friends pointed out. Yes, at least it’s better than seeing somebody gaining 20 pounds or somebody starting to lose his hair.  I saw our VP again, and I believe the crush is still there…

5-24-07 The most undesired and destructive situation happened – being mistreated and bullied by somebody who is supposed to be your mentor. Given all my intentions to cut off any relationship with this person and escape, I know I’ll have to stay and fight for myself. Thank God I have people who love me standing by my side…

One thought on “Not-so-random flow in May

  1. Apparently, you bring too much sentimental elements into your teaching, which might hurt your rationality for the job.

    But it is always nice to know new people :)

    By the way, men only shake hands :)


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